Challenge 11: Have lunch with someone and ask them about their day

Image via Flickr

I love food, so I thought this challenge was going to be easy. FAIL. I was so busy on Thursday I didn’t even have time to have lunch with anyone. I was on the go. I did, however have dinner if you could call it that. The Delta Delta Delta sorority was having a late night pancake “breakfast” to raise money for the kids of St. Jude’s Children hospital. And being the lover of food that I am, I decided that because it was a good cause, I was going to eat breakfast for dinner late dinner.

I hate eating alone. A bunch of the Alpha Delta Chi girls came to the Alpha Gamma Omega house bringing those delicious Tri Delt pancakes. One of the girls were full and gave me her last three pancakes. I ended up sitting with the girls and having a lot of conversations about faith and what they looked for in a guy.

Love is contagious. I must not forget.